Phoenix-Reborn from fire


Charles-Alexandre Vanroyen, France FILM 27.29


Director: Charles-Alexandre Vanroyen
Writer: Charles-Alexandre Vanroyen
Producer: Valère Caneri
Key Cast: Charles-Alexandre Vanroyen & Arnaud Gisle
Duration: Film 27.19, Teaser 2.24
Language: French
Subtitles: English

Phoenix-Reborn from fire

Phoenix Reborn du feu retraces a completely crazy project and adventure, crossing the Mediterranean Sea by rallying the city of Calvi in Corsica to Fréjus in France.
Loan of 200 km of distance, more than 12 hours of effort with the objective of establishing the first world record for the greatest crossing in electric foil.

His deep curiosity for people drives him to develop projects capturing the inner world of a subject through an abstract and personal interpretation of reality.
Piero’s work combines a minimalistic and pure cinematic style with a non-linear storytelling approach creating a magical atmosphere.