Kitefoil around France


Arnaud Scius, France FILM 30.56


Director: Arnaud Scius ( The Apertures )
Writer: Matthieu Girolet & Arnaud Scius
Key Cast: MAatthieu Girolet, Romaric Linares, Guy
Mercadier, Christophe Rousseau, Cedric Haricot
Duration: Film 30.56,
Teaser 1.03
Language: French
Subtitles: English

Kitefoil around France

Watch the movie about this world first, the kitefoil around France
→ 24 stages from Dunkerque to Nice | 2401 km|1296,5Nm | 36 days. The movie relate in its entirety the remarkable performance of mathieufrom the birth of the project till the achievement. Sharing the experience, the emotions, the day to day living of the team this is a movie about a human story.

Support by :
Entreprendre, Lafontpressetv, Club nautique du Pradet la Garonne, Creps de Montpellier, STORM Kitesurfing, Ketos Foil

Starring : Matthieu Girolet, Team: Linares Romaric Christophe Rousseau Guy Mercadier Cedric Haricot Direction : The Apertures ( Cameramans : Arnaud Mps Raphael Sauze

Drone : Raphael Sauze Kohala Clement Puig Production : La compagnie des mers du sud