I am addicted


Jens Breuer, Germany, 2021 FILM 15.32


Director: Jens Breuer
Writer: Jens Breuer
Producer: Jens Breuer
Key Cast: Borja Vellón García
Duration: 15.32
Language: English
Subtitles: None

I am addicted

Before I met Borja I have never seen someone being so passionate about Hydrofoil kitesurfing. Over a period of half a year I spent a lot of time with Borja trying to understand and capture his passion. After countless conversations, six days of shooting in diverse conditions and hours of postproduction I realized this film project showing Borjas passion about Hydroil kitesurfing. Director Biography – Jens Breuer. Jens Breuer is a filmmaker from northern Germany. He produces outdoor and sports related films and videos. At the moment he focuses on short documentaries and portraits.