Flying Nikka-The making of


Pierpaolo Lanfrancotti, Italy FILM 51.20


Director: Pierpaolo Lanfrancotti
Key Cast: Roberto Lacorte, Alessio Razeto, Lorenzo Bressani, Lorenzo De Felice, Andrea Fornaro, Enrico Zennaro, Mark Mills, Miguel Costa
Duration: Film 51.20
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English

Flying Nikka-The making of

The challenge set by repeat client Roberto Lacorte for Flying Nikka was not just to have a foiling sailboat, not just to foil long distances offshore, but to do so within the framework of the existing rules which have no experience of handling foiling boats.   This brings many challenges, as does the requirement to keep the project broadly accessible , using the best of the America’s Cup experiences in a project with the costs and sophistication more in line with a Grand Prix inshore boat like a Maxi 72.