Fliteboard Series


Hugo and Ross Turner, Australia, 2022 HARMONY 1.56 / DUNE 1.18 / LAKE 1.35


Written and produced by the riders: Hugo and Ross Turner
Filmed and edited: Here Now films
Duration: Harmony 1.56, Dune 1.18, Lake 1.35
Language: English
Subtitles: None Number of chapters: 3

Fliteboard Series

Adventure athletes, Hugo and Ross Turner, have survived a host of world-first expeditions including rowing across the Atlantic from the Canary Islands to Barbados, climbing Mt Elbrus and reaching several “inaccessible” poles.
In this 3 part series of eFoil expeditions they explore some incredible locations using a Fliteboard – from the freezing Alps to uninhabited islands.

“We’re always looking for brands that are pioneering new technologies that help people explore the world around them. Fliteboard is a brilliant new invention that allowed us to explore some remote locations while having the cleaner benefit of being electric powered.
Riding hydrofoils was a completely new experience for us so we had to learn how to ‘fly’ these eFoils at the local Fliteschool. To our amazement we were flying across the bay within the first hour, so it was great to know these were easy to learn.” – The Turner Twins