Fliteboard Nazarè


Rod Caetano, Australia, 2022 FILM 7.48


Film & Editing: Rod Caetano
Key Cast: Glyn Ovens and Tom Court
Duration: 7.48
Language: English
Subtitles: None

Fliteboard Nazarè

Big wave waterman, Glyn Ovens and professional Kitesurfer Tom Court team up to be the first to Fliteboard the biggest waves in the world at Nazare.

Glyn is the recognized hydrofoiler who rides Nazaré on most swells, and with his background of knowledge about how it works, all the elements needed to ensure safety on the water, he steered the call on the best conditions and ultimately made the final decision on which forecast that the team would fly on.

Tom being the current Fliteboard eFoil race champion, has experience pushing Fliteboards to their maximum speeds, making him ready to go fast, however this time on vertical water, rather than horizontal… changing the game and opening up interesting questions about how these boards would perform and what setup, wings and shims would be best to handle these extreme conditions.

The objective was to push the possibilities of what sized waves could be ridden on a eFoil.