FFF 2023


Film selection for the screening of Foiling Film Festival 2023, 2nd Edition.


Experimental Foiling short film by Horue Movie. It shows us how every season can be great for Foiling!

A film by Horue Movie
Film duration 01:34

ETF26 Recap of the year

2021-2022 season of the ETF26 Series.

A film by ETF26
Produced by Qaptur
Film duration 12:02

VOYAGER Lift Foils

A new short film by Matt Leong and Chase Viken with the Lift Foil’s community. The birth of downwind foiling on Oahu’s south shore. By exploring different combinations of higher aspect ratios with all Lift’s different design technologies, Jack Ho, Mala’e McElheny and Nick Kapule link ocean swells for miles and intoxicate the rest of us with their passion for the ocean and their insatiable need for adventure.

A film by Lift Foils
Directed by Matty Leong
DOP Chase Viken, Executive Producer Matt Elsasser
Film duration 10:38

Tridem wind foiling

Why not going Wind Foiling Together? Another experimental Foiling short film by Horue Movie.

A film by Horue Movie
Film duration 01:25

I AM ADDICTED Experiencing Megaloops on Hydrofoil

The Foiling practice for Jens Breuer continues also this year with another I AM ADDICTED film production.

A film by Jens Breuer
Film duration 07:19