58 bpm

58 BPM

Marco Zingaretti, Italy FILM 74.00


Director: Marco Zingaretti Writer: Giada Gentili
Producer: Roberta Santoro
Key Cast: Laura Rogora,
Maëlle Frascari,
Mattia Migliorini, Paolo Cognetti
Sound: Federico Giovannini
Editing: Gianluca Massarenti
Original Score: OL Music Studio
Duration: Film 74.00, Teaser 1.51
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English

58 bpm

58BPM is a documentary featuring athletes Maëlle Frascari, Mattia Migliorini and Laura Rogora. The story starts from the lockdown of March 2020 up to the first day of the return of the protagonists to the natural elements connected with their sport: rock, wind, water. The narration is supported by the interventions of the writer Paolo Cognetti.
Director Biography – Marco Zingaretti